Ethical Investments Explained

Issues to consider

There are many issues to consider when deciding to invest ethically. This section seeks to explain more about these issues and provide clarification on the wide range of strategies and methodologies employed by fund managers when deciding ethical strategies. This should be used in conjunction with our inter-active tools to assist you in deciding on the most appropriate asset allocation when considering which ethical funds to invest in.

Background to Ethical Investment

This section defines ethical investment and explains its history and how investing ethically has gained in popularity to become a cornerstone of the retail fund management industry.

Examples of Ethical Investments

Examples of industry sectors which are favoured by ethical fund managers and presents the investment case for these future growth areas.

Ethical Past Performance

Past performance of ethical funds is reviewed. Does investing ethically necessarily mean foregoing investment returns?

FTSE 4 Good

Explanation of the "FTSE4Good" index and other ethical indices used internationally.

Ethical Screening Strategies

Clarification of the range of ethical screening approaches- ranging from dark to light green negative screening, "engagement" and "best in class".

Ethical Campaigns

List of resources where you can find more information and details of organisations campaigning for ethical investment issues.