Enterprise Investment Schemes

Enterprise Investment Schemes, EIS's, are collective investments which attract generous tax breaks to encourage investment in small, unquoted companies. Generally considered to be higher risk, EIS schemes reduce this risk by selecting a diversified spread of companies.

Enterprise Investment Schemes Tax Treatment

Ethical Enterprise Investment Schemes

It is possible to invest in ethically screened and monitored, individually tailored Enterprise investment Schemes, with a minimum investment amount of £50,000. The objective of the Ethical EIS is to create a portfolio which puts the emphasis on investing in socially and environmentally responsible companies and to screen out companies which are involved in sectors such as tobacco, armament, alcohol, animal testing, or environmental exploitation. These are packaged products where due diligence has been applied to both the merits of the investment proposition itself and ethical factors which need to be taken into account. You can personalise and select your own criteria by completing an ethical questionnaire and this will be taken into account when the portfolio is constructed.


You should only invest money you can afford to lose with an EIS which is considered a higher risk investment more appropriate for client's who fully understand the nature of investment risk. The value of an EIS may go down as well as up and is likely to experience higher rates of volatility. Tax reliefs are subject to legislative changes. You could experience difficulty when disposing of shares, since they may be quoted on markets which are illiquid.

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